Impersonal Brahman

As we all know, Hindu religion as well as the other religions have a large number of gods and goddesses to worship. They may be Mahadev, Durga, Krishna, Sai baba, Jesus, Allah etc. But many people don’t know that they all are but one supreme Brahman. When a person, through many years of hard penance and meditation,reaches the highest spiritual state, he will come to realize that everything has that one Spirit. All the living as well as the non living things will seem to possess the same glowing and pure Brahman. This Brahman can neither be pierced with an arrow nor can it be dried with air. It can neither be burnt with fire nor can it become wet with water. It has no form and it can only be felt and realized. When a person, actually comes to realize this in this material word, he does not remain in his senses to describe the experience to anybody. At that moment all words seem to vanish in air and the man’s pure soul escapes from the highest centre of Kundalini ( i.e from the top of the head) and he merges with the Impersonal limitless Brahman.